HADCO Experiences Eco-Lodges

at Asa Wright Nature Centre and Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel

HADCO Experiences offers accommodation at any of our two eco-lodges! Nestled in the Arima Valley is HADCO Experiences at Asa Wright Nature Centre – a 29-room birding paradise dedicated to providing awe-inspiring sustainable wildlife experiences. Immerse yourself in nature and witness some of the 166 species of birds that live within the 1,500 acres of protected rainforest. As the eco-lodge operator, HADCO Experiences is committed to the conservation of biodiversity, preservation of heritage and cultural diversity as well as improving the lives of those in our local communities.

Book a stay at the Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel in Grande Riviere. This stunning beach resort sits along the northern coastline and is home to thousands of majestic Leatherback turtles that nest during the months of March to August. The adjacent forests are one of the last remaining strongholds of the critically endangered Trinidad Piping-Guan, endemic to the island of Trinidad. We invite you to bask in the Caribbean sun and relax amongst some of the oldest creatures on Earth.

Whether you dream of adventure or rest, we connect you to immersive and authentic experiences that support people, nature, and thriving local culture.

Join us to discover regenerative travel at its best!

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