Lady Chancellor to St Anns Peak

Start at the top of Chancellor Hill at car park lot. Take the bench trail on the left flat portion. Continue along the trail pass a bridge, pass Fondes Amandes gate, the trail goes on pass gully wash outs. Ropes are installed in a number of places to assist hikers. After approx. 1hr, the forest changes to provide cover and soon after you meet a garden and shack on the hill. Walk pass on the right to reach a wide bench road which meets a T with a concrete road. Turn Left onto the concrete road and go up to old Telecom Reflector plates. The trail continues left past the reflectors and onto an asphalt paved road. Take the left trail to the top of St Ann·s Peak and the trig monument. Follow the trail and turn right at the next junction to take you to Hololo RIGHT TURN GOES TO SANTA CRUZ.

Follow the halal trail to the top of Hololo, continue along the paved road downhill to Cascade. Duration 4 to 5 hrs Rated 6… Challenging to find

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Difficulty Rating: 4


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Fitness Hike

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