Little Tobago trails

The trails of Little Tobago are well maintained and are easily accessed from the main jetty house on the island. Boat taxi could be arranged from Speyside jetty, for the 10-minute boat ride to the island jetty.

The island is home to many sea birds including the Red Billed Tropic bird, Booby, Gulls, Frigates. Other inhabitants are the hermit crabs, iguanas, and agouti.

Tropic bird nests are observed throughout the island among the undergrowth and leaf litter. This makes for easy viewing since the birds are not shy. The island flora is also unique and could be observed along the many open trails. Rest stops are strategically placed on the island for visitors to savor the views and replenish themselves before moving on. A tour guide is recommended.

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Difficulty Rating: 1


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Special Features:
Beach, Flora & Fauna

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