Chaguaramas Mt Catherine loop from Golf Course

This is a challenging hike along the north coast between Macqueripe and Mt Catherine. The hike leaves the Golf Course via the trail to Macqueripe. Howler monkeys may be seen frolicking among the bamboo. After 45 mins in the flat bamboo gully.. the trail is mostly uphill for the next 11/2 hrs then plateaus off for another half hour. The uphill climb traverses a gully dug out near the top. Ropes are installed here to support the climb. This area could be dangerous during a heavy downpour and should be avoided under heavy weather conditions. The return loop is via Archers trail which is a straddle down a steep Rocky outcrop supported by ropes in some areas. This should only be attempted if well managed by a knowledgeable guide. Alternatively. Return to the golf course via the paved 5ml Mt Catherine road which meets the western main road at the convention center. Then to Macqueripe Rd and back to Golf Course Rd.

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Difficulty Rating: 6


Trail Ratings are ranked from 1 to 10 where 1 is considered Easy and 10 considered Very Challenging



Special Features:
Flora & Fauna, Monkey Viewing

Area of Interest: Coastal Views

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