Lady Chancellor Breeze Hill

Park at top of Chancellor Hill Walk along the open flat trail to the left of the car park. After 10 minutes look for a wide fire trail going left uphill. Go steep uphill for 30 minutes, pass pine trees and bracken fern, look back to enjoy the breath-taking views of POS and as far as Caroni and the five Islands. Get up to the Ridge overlooking Maraval. At that point, make a left turn and descent along the Ridge top with views of Maraval to th right and POS on the left. Follow the trail west to an open viewpoint and descend south along the open fire trail back, past the WASA tank to the car park.


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Difficulty Rating: 2


Trail Ratings are ranked from 1 to 10 where 1 is considered Easy and 10 considered Very Challenging



Special Features:
Flora & Fauna

Area of Interest: Views of POS & Environs

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