Main Ridge Trails

Main Ridge Tobago Hikes Gilpin. Niplig, Blue Copper Spring, Center Hill, Bloody Bay Waterfall.

Tobago boasts the oldest rain forest in the western hemisphere. No idle boast.

The trails are well kept and serviced by knowledable guides. See natural waterfall formations like the gold and silver water fall and unique fauna like the Saber wing hummingbird. Always a favorite hike location for birders and recreation hikers. Beautiful views all around and you can choose a hike rating for your fitness level.

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Difficulty Rating: 4


Trail Ratings are ranked from 1 to 10 where 1 is considered Easy and 10 considered Very Challenging



Special Features:

Area of Interest: Oldest Rain Forest walk

More Trails

Bush Bush Reserve from Kernaham Village

Difficulty Rating: 2

Aripo Basins, Aripo

Difficulty Rating: 1

Lloango Village to Angel Falls

Difficulty Rating: 5