Mt Dillon to Castara

Start at the lookout on Mt Dillon.

Climb into the Ridge to follow the foot trail going east towards Castara. The trail passes along the main Ridge forest as a wide bench and narrows after 30 minutes to a footpath in some areas especially along edges. The trail widens again and after I hr meets an intersection.

Stay on the straight trail and after 30 mins cross a ravine at an old concrete dam . The trail meanders down to Castara through an old garden for another 30 mins before you can see the village in the distance. Exit at the housing development and onto the Northside road just off the beach facility. Rating 5, challenging

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Difficulty Rating: 5


Trail Ratings are ranked from 1 to 10 where 1 is considered Easy and 10 considered Very Challenging



Special Features:
Flora & Fauna, Beach

Area of Interest: Oldest Rainforest walk

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